When it comes to gift giving we’re always on the hunt for that something extra special. A gift that is both thoughtful and unique. Combine that with something handcrafted and luxurious and you’ll be beaming on Christmas day as your loved one tears off the wrapping paper!  At Mills & Brown we’ve done the hard work for you, our leather bound, personalised, handmade notebooks make the perfect gift. 

There is something magical about putting pen to paper…

… So why not have that paper bound in Royal Warrant leather by the hands of an expert bookbinder? A notebook can be used for many different things, by many different people. The storyteller, to write down their next adventure, the artist as they sketch on-the-go, or for the dreamers as they manifest their goals. The Mills & Brown notebook has the option of both lined or plain paper, so choose wisely based on who you’re gifting it to. Tip: Picasso wouldn’t want lines, but maybe Shakespeare would. Every Mills & Brown product comes with complimentary personalisation, pressed by hand in metallic foil or blind-blocked. 

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth